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Corporate Managers & Executives Do you feel:

Stressed out keeping up with the demands of work?

Like you often fall short of the mark then feel even more stress?

Do you find yourself having:
Sleepless nights
High blood pressure
Overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness or irritability
Eating or drinking too much

Do you feel like you have no one to talk to, and your family is suffering, all while acting like this is “normal”? Does your day consist of getting up, going to work, working your butt off, going home, eat, spend time with your family (not quality time), go to bed and repeat this cycle every single day?  Maybe you don’t even realize how much stress you carry around each day and how it’s impacting those around you (including yourself)!

It doesn’t have to be that way!

There IS a solution to manage workplace stress, enjoy your job, and get more done.

Sharon Plover

Transformational Coach

I’ve been in your place.  Working years for a large pharmaceutical company where the workplace demands kept me on edge constantly fearing loss of job if I didn’t perform to high and higher standards. My neck, shoulders and lower back were in constant tension and spasms.  My anxiety kept me in continual motion unable to relax for even two minutes.  My blood pressure was high.  At times I felt distracted and unfocused, then mentally beat myself up for being that way.  I was constantly tired and had to really push myself to get motivated.

Each time there was a departmental shift and massive layoff I lived with the underlying fear that I would be one of the ones let go.  That caused me to feel more stressed out, work even longer hours to “prove my worth”, become even more vocal at meetings thinking this would make me look “good”.  It felt like an endless and viscous cycle.

In a moment of clarity I began to consciously look at my life and began exploring a plethora of stress reducing modalities, teachers and coaches.  As I began to let go of stressful thoughts and moved into a peaceful life I began helping others to recognize the elements that create their stress and showed them a way to eliminate the stress in their work and personal life.

Imagine saying, “It feels so much easier to…”

Feel good about going to work
Efficiently manage my workload
Smoothly direct my team
Painlessly interact with my boss
Get a solid night of sleep
Naturally interact with my family without thoughts of work interfering

Use these Ten short-term Stress Releasing techniques immediately