Hi. My name is Sharon Valenti.

I am a serial entrepreneur, coach and teacher.

I’ve worked with celebrities, millionaires, casino owners, inventors, other coaches as well as everyday people! 

I’ve been a featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, radio, magazines and podcasts.  I’ve received dozens of awards.  I’m a leading expert in helping people achieve the life they’ve only dreamed of. 

My past clients have praised me for my ability to problem solve, my sincerity, honesty, integrity, and ability to really listen and get to the bottom of their problems in a succinct way.  I’m compassionate, think outside of the box, and curious about life.

My painful and tumultuous early years in life and subsequently finding my way into a life I truly love led me to want to help others do the same.    I recognize that many people want to change and don’t know how.   People sometimes become addicted to other things as a way of relief.  That leads to a whole set of new problems.  Now others around them start suffering too.

Through my life’s work, I have discovered ways to teach and bring out the best in people, and make them feel confident; which leads to more success at home and work and in life.