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Week 1

During the first week of your journey, you will look deep within yourself and uncover many of your underlying beliefs – and when/where they really started in your life. The exercises in this week will begin to bring to light the first seeds of doubt: can you be certain that those beliefs you’ve been holding on to are even true?  Each week will build upon the one before it as you move through Blueprint for Stress Release.

Week 2

With the insights you gained in the first week, you will begin to understand what underlying beliefs get triggered in you and how often they do.  You will begin to gain a different perspective of certain situations and discover how those underlying beliefs and perceptions began creating patterns in your life.

Week 3

This week, it is time to take a clear-eyed view of your thoughts – and an increased understanding of the moments when you project your beliefs. These exercises are designed to help you observe moments, both past and present, in order understand just how your beliefs project into your everyday life – and complicate it immensely.

Building upon the work you’ve done in the last two lessons may help you move through this week’s lesson with slightly more ease and a different perspective than you had when you first began the course.

At the end of this week, you might begin to notice other situations you’ve been reactive in and begin to understand why.

Week 4

In this lesson you’ll look at a different situation and see how easily you can apply the tools you now have at your fingertips.

At the end of the lesson, you might begin to notice how much your new insights about yourself are beginning to impact your life in a more positive way.

Week 5

This week you’ll have the opportunity to look at another type of topic.  Don’t fret! Week 5’s exercises are designed to prime your senses for the moments when your old beliefs will roar within you – and help you dampen their fire with ease.

At the end of the week, you will be able to actively anticipate the moments when these thoughts will appear, and it will help you preventively change your thinking patterns in a conscious manner, before the damage gets done and your day gets ruined.

Week 6

The final week is dedicated to understanding and building your new foundation of core beliefs – and coloring your reality in a new way. The exercises in the final week are designed to help you instill your new beliefs – your real truth about yourself – until they are instinctive, just as your previous beliefs used to be.

At the end of the week, with your foundation settled, you will be able to enter a new chapter in your life: one that is more relaxed and more pleasant. A phase that is closer to the reality your heart truly desires, a phase that will bring you closer to the freedom that you have been yearning for.

We made sure that you can study in the best way for you.